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WasserWende, thoughts on increasing water scarcity in Europe.

In my new series of photographs, I aim to draw urgent attention to the growing problem of water scarcity in Europe. Through my artistic perspective, I seek to inspire viewers to reflect upon the significance of water and recognize the current challenges our continent faces.

"WasserWende" not only addresses a pressing issue but also serves as a reminder that together we can bring about change. By raising awareness about water scarcity and taking action to combat it, we can contribute to securing a sustainable future for Europe and future generations.

The photographs from my series "WasserWende" are now available for download on my image accounts. You can find the images through the links provided in the top-right corner of my website or simply scan the QR codes.


For the world you were only a dog, but for me you were my little world. Thank you for the fifteen years that I was allowed to spend with you. I still miss you.       29.06.2003 - 23.07.2018