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Metamorphosis of the Planet

In my latest photograph "Metamorphosis of the Planet," a dissolving structure serves as a metaphor for the decay of our planet. The background, composed of blue, yellow, and red, represents the sky, the sun, and the glowing earth. The interplay of colors and the dissolution of the form illustrate the transience and transformation caused by climate change. This visual metaphor aims to convey a powerful message about the fragility of our planet and to emphasize the urgent need for action to preserve its beauty and vitality.

The original photograph can be purchased from me. It is available as a Gallery Print with the dimensions 80 x 120 cm and is signed by me.


For the world you were only a dog, but for me you were my little world. Thank you for the fifteen years that I was allowed to spend with you. I still miss you.       29.06.2003 - 23.07.2018