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The fact that a technically faulty image in the conventional sense can be more emotionally effective than a technically flawless image, it will shock those who are naive enough to believe that technical perfection is the true value of a photograph. – Andreas Feininger –

Born in 1957, I was fascinated as a child by nature and wildlife. At age of 8 years I got my first Kodak film camera. While my classmates were on the football field, I strolled through the nearby woods and fields and make pictures of red-colored beetles and other animals which I just got in front of my camera. Football games however, I was never interested, rather I was fascinated by the stories of "Hermann Löns". In school, I took a place in a photo - society. Unfortunately, with the beginning of my professional life, my hobby moved in the background which I regret later very much.

In my idiosyncratic and somewhat crazy way of life, I turned my hobby into my profession at the end of 2009 and photograph everything that interests and inspires me in everyday life. If you walk through our world with open eyes, you will always see new things that are worth taking a picture of. Many of my images have been published worldwide in books, magazines,  newspapers,  hunting magazines, posters and advertisements. In the picture gallery you will find links to some articles.  

With my pictures I want to draw attention to the problems of our time and show people the beauty of our earth so that they protect it and treat it with respect.

As a freelancer, I am happy to accept your orders and I am happy about every download of my images.

I would be pleased about their contact.

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