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BiB-Bilder Edgar G. Biehle about me :

The fact that a technically faulty image in the conventional sense can be more emotionally effective than a technically flawless image, it will shock those who are naive enough to believe that technical perfection is the true value of a photograph. – Andreas Feininger –


Born in 1957, I was captivated by the shimmering beauty of the world from an early age. Photography emerged as my creative outlet to express this fascination. At the tender age of eight, I held my first Kodak film camera in my hands, and from that moment on, I spent my days capturing everything that caught my eye.

During my school years, I became the school photographer and immersed myself in the photography club, where I learned the technical foundations of this captivating medium. However, as my professional career began, my beloved hobby unfortunately took a back seat.

A turning point in my life occurred in 2003 when my Gordon Setter dog "Ronja" entered my life and turned it upside down. The countless, seemingly endless walks with her reignited my passion for photography. In my own unique and unconventional way, I began photographing everything that fascinated and inspired me.

My images are more than mere snapshots, they are a call to recognize the beauty of our world and become aware of the issues it faces. In 2015 I finally sold my then-current company and have since devoted myself to my art as a freelance photographer. My photographs have already been published in many prestigious online magazines, books and publications worldwide.

Today, my work encompasses a broad spectrum of photographic genres. From conceptual photography to abstract and documentary photography. In my conceptual works, I use everyday objects and scenes to convey deeper meanings and societal issues. The abstract photographs, inspired by the shapes and colors of nature, invite the viewer to see the world from new, unfamiliar perspectives. My documentary works, on the other hand, capture the essence and reality of our environment and society, telling stories and allowing the viewer to glimpse into the soul of our world through the lens.


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