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Born in 1957, I was fascinated as a child by nature and wildlife. At age of 8 years I got my first Kodak film camera. While my classmates were on the football field, I strolled through the nearby woods and fields and make pictures of red-colored beetles and other animals which I just got in front of my camera. Football games however, I was never interested, rather I was fascinated by the stories of "Hermann Löns". In school, I took a place in a photo - society. Unfortunately, with the beginning of my professional life, my hobby moved in the background which I regret later very much.

Working as a nature and wildlifephotographer has always been my dream, but unfortunately it would take 35 years, before I could realize this. The  increasing destruction of our living space and my love of nature have to be moved  me to start with photographing again. End of 2009, I have therefore decided to put my professional work in the background and out of my former hobby became a mission. Now, I am many hours on the way in Nature with the camera and my Gordon Setter dog “Ronja”, where I record my impressions and encounters with wild animals in the picture.

With my pictures I would like to contribute, to preserve the view of the people to protect the beauty of nature and wildlife and deal respectfully with her. I am always looking for sponsors who support me in my work and give me the opportunity, to observe and photograph wild animals in their natural habitats. 
I would be delighted to hear from you.


Sincerely yours

Edgar G. Biehle






Free living Bisons in Germany

A unique nature project

One can hardly believe it, but since April 2013, there are again free-living Bisons in Germany. After a long preparation, eight animals were released into the wilderness in the Rothaar Mountains near the city Bad Berleburg. As I was told, the herd has since grown to 19 animals now and they live on an area of more than 10,000 hectares. A great unique project in our small Germany, I think. After many centuries, the Bisons have returned to their original homeland. I can only tell everyone to go there to partake in a unique natural experience. Who wants to know more, here is the address:

Wisent-Welt-Wittgenstein e. V.

Poststr. 40

57319 Bad Berleburg

Tel. +49 2751 920 55-35

Fax +49 2751 920 55-34

Fog and ice


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Poor German Forest


The German forest has nothing to do with nature, many forests are only tree fields and wood supplier, no animals, no plants only trees and moss on the ground. I took this pictures in a forest near the small town of Trossingen - Germany.



Crash with a buck

Today I had to dispose a beautiful yearling buck, as well in the urban area. Some not very smart drivers do not understand that in the city also a speed limit of 50 km / h at night applies and the local exit of Trossingen to Aldingen is no racetrack. Just at dusk, at night and in the early morning hours I would hope that the motorists would go something from the speed and drive more carefully, especially in rural areas. However, I believe the desire of be in vain, because what counts a buck.


















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